Investor Highlights

Why Invest in Aroway Energy?

  • Our Company metrics are competitive with particular attention to our debt.  We have been managing capital and revenue to aggressively retire debt. Debt scheduled to be retired by year end December 31, 2014 according to lending agreement.
  • 98% light and heavy oil, operated production with a defined plan to build reliable new medium reserve life oil volumes into 2014
  • Proven ability to add value: reserves, production and cash flow, both by drilling/exploring and property acquisitions
  • Exploit current “buyers’ market” for new oil assets
  • Strong balance sheet  - less than $2 million in debt
  • Disciplined Business Plan:
  • Pay off debt
  • Add development type production, reserves and value
  • Take exploration drilling risks commensurate with size and ability to absorb dry holes
  • Focus on operating costs,
  • Conventional asset strategy
  • Management of G&A
  • Financial Plan
  • Reasonable, conservative growth plans based primarily on existing development drilling opportunities
  • Ability to acquire assets at flowing barrel prices that are less than the company’s flowing barrel market value
  • Management believes the company has addressed the macro challenges (i.e. sourcing capital, dilution, lender uncertainty) and will now grow the business through small acquisitions (60%) and exploration (40%).