Kirkpatrick Lake


  • 2.25 sections of land with 3D seismic coverage
  • Acquired in September 2012
  • 100% working interest
  • 2 wells producing
  • 25  ͦAPI light oil, trucked to pipeline terminal
  • Ellerslie formation – 1150 meters deep
  • Currently the prospect has cost less than $13,541 per flowing boe includes land, drilling, facilities etc.)

2013 Reserves @NPV 10% (in millions)

  • Proved (P): 3438.4 Mboe
  • Proved plus Probable (P+P): 6787.0 Mboe

2014 Development Plans:

  • Prepare and submit a reservoir application for a R3R pool water flood approval which would extend reserve life and anchor long term production.
  •  Prepare and submit a holding application to facilitate infill drilling of the R3R pool.
  • Acquire new seismic and begin new round of exploration to explore for new Ellerslie pools nearby